Memory Care

Our Memory Care program is based on the concept of “Person-Centered” care, which means knowing each and every resident with a focus on the whole person. We want our residents to have more control over their daily lives, and we respect their self-esteem in every encounter or activity. We have worked with and consulted with a nationally recognized Gerontologist to help us develop a comprehensive program to better serve the needs of our cognitively impaired residents. We have developed physical environments designed to provide warm, welcoming and most importantly a safe place for our residents suffering from Alzheimer's or related diseases.

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"The mission of management is to successfully lead its organization into the future. In order to accomplish this mission, one must always ask why not make our environment, services, and products for seniors better than what is offered today. CRMS Inc. was formed in 1989 to provide management and consulting services for the development and operation of health and retirement facilities for the elderly."

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-Douglas R. Gill, President